This page is comprised of Kazesawa Aya's relationships with other characters in the Elemental Pretty Cure universe, extending from her early life on Earth to her later life in the Elemental Realm. Aya is a kind and goofy teenager whose antics find her both dangerous enemies and loving friends.

Relatives Edit

Kazesawa Mahiru Edit

"I'm definitely afraid, but for the sake of my adoptive sister, I have to fight on!"
— Aya to Vasilisa about Mahiru

Mahiru is caring and understanding of her adoptive sister of the same age, and Aya seems to have a good relationship with her. Although the two are completely different - Aya being energetic and warm and Mahiru being mature and elegant - the sisters have a positive relationship. Even though Mahiru is more popular than Aya, the two have always been there for each other, and have been together since Aya was adopted. Aya's strength of her love for Mahiru was proven when she saved her from Vasilisa.

Allies Edit

Mahorin Edit

"You are the cutest little thing I've ever seen in my entire life!"
"Aw, thank you! That really means a lot!"
— Aya and Mahorin

Mahorin is a fairy from Royale, a world in the Elemental Realm, just like how Aya comes from another world called Aire. Aya and Mahorin's relationship started out on good terms, with Aya gushing over how cute Mahorin was. The fairy later assisted Cure Zephyr in saving her adoptive sister, Mahiru, from certain death. Despite being confused and wanting Mahorin to explain everything, the relationship between the princess and the fairy appears to be positive.

Enemies Edit

Vasilisa Edit

"One thing's for sure, I won't be underestimating you again."
— Vasilisa to Cure Zephyr

Aya first met Vasilisa in person when the crown princess of Fuego attacked Aya's adoptive sister, Mahiru. Vasilisa then commanded the Fuego soldier beside her to attack the sisters, which managed to knock Mahiru out. Although frightened, Aya managed to stand up to Vasilisa, which allowed her to transform into Cure Zephyr. After Cure Zephyr defeated the Fuego soldier, Vasilisa then entered the Regina state and attacked the princess of Aire, but then Cure Zephyr managed to enter the Regina state as well, and after a vicious fight, Cure Zephyr managed to overwhelm Vasilisa and defeat her. Vasilisa then vowed that she would not underestimate Cure Zephyr again, and then disappeared.