The strongest and most powerful ability that a crown princess can invoke is the Regina state. This state was named after Megami Regina, the all-powerful goddess of the Elemental Realm. It allows a crown princess to enhance their magic immensely to the point where they are more powerful than Megami Regina herself.

While in this state, a crown princess has access to elemental techniques that may have not yet been learned but has no conscious control over the resulting actions, which can cause great collateral damage. A crown princess with full mastery of the Regina state has conscious control over it and can enter and exit it at will.

While in the Regina state, the crown princess's eyes glow in their respective theme colour. The glow is the result of Megami Regina's power in the crown princess. When a crown princess speaks in the Regina state, their voices are simultaneously encompassed with Megami Regina's.

Known Incidents of Use Edit

Kazesawa Aya Edit

  • Entered the Regina state briefly after transforming for the first time.
  • Entered the Regina state when battling Vasilisa for the first time.

Vasilisa Edit

  • Entered the Regina state when battling Cure Zephyr for the first time.

Trivia Edit

  • The Regina state is based on the Avatar state from Avatar: The Last Airbender.